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all hail

Happy Birthday Heechul!

Or Chullie, or my own personal nickname: Heechuchu. Anyway, I have no doubt you had a fantastical day of fantasticalness. I bet there was drinking too. xD Anyway, I envy your prettiness, and how people either adore you or are losers. I happen to be one who ADORES you! Also, thanks for kissing your fellow members. I always enjoy that. ♥ I hope Hannie gave you a call or something, because that would be pure win. Also, I wanted to unf unf you yesterday when I found out you're an Avril Lavigne fan. SRSLY FOR REAL? That made me riddiculously happy xD. I admire you because you are who you are, and if people don't like it well they can just GTFO. Here's to being another year wiser (which every one totally knows you are!) I love you, you pretty bitch. ♥

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